What We Offer ?

Our dedicated attention to detail is put into all our services.

  • New Construction Design and Specifications (Division 14).

  • Modernization Design and Specifications

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

  • Maintenance Audits and Performance Evaluations

  • TSSA Compliance Inspections

  • Investment Analysis Reports

  • Condition Reports

  • Invoice Review

Service Offered

New construction design and specifications (Division 14)

We work with building owners, architects, and general contractors.  We assist the design, tendering, bid review, contract, oversee installation and handover of all types of elevating devices.

Modernization Design and Specifications

We prepare customized detailed specifications for the modernization of your elevating devices. We can provide comprehensive tender packages to suit your building in alignment of your budgetary needs

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

We review existing contracts and assist with negotiating a better one, both financially and service wise. Requirements for elevator services regularly change under the TSSA requirements existing contracts may not provide adequate coverage for your building needs.

Maintenance Audits and Performance Evaluations

We conduct audits to determine the quality of the maintenance being provided on your elevators. We identify areas of competence as well as any existing shortfalls with suggested timelines for rectifying required repairs.

Required Inspections Status
Performance and Quality review
Deficiency Report generated


TSSA Compliance Inspections

Existing Elevating devices may require changes to meet the continually changing safety code, such as car top rails, cylinder protection, Maintenance Control Program (MCP), skirt panels, machine room access.

Car top railings (when fall hazards exist).
Single bottom cylinder replacement
Stainless steel skirt panel replacement on escalators

Investment Analysis Reports

We conduct inspections examining the life cycle of the elevating device recommending a budgeted plan for upgrading or adding functionality.

Condition Reports

We can assist you in determining the current condition of the elevating devices for reserve fund studies, building sales or asset management reports.

Invoice Review

Are you being over-charged? Let us help you save money by assisting you through the terms and conditions of your contract and identify and limit potential exposure.